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Nintendo GC Hacks

Disassembling the GameCube
Tutorial by: modthatcube.psx-scene.com

First you're going to need to obtain or make a bit (the end of the screwdriver) to remove the four custom screws that Nintendo has used to keep the case together. If you can I would suggest purchasing a GameBit (4.5mm) or Nut Driver (5/32) to make life a bit easier. If not you're going to have to create a mold using a plastic pen to remove the GameBits (the four screws) with.

Flip your GameCube on its back, and then remove the 4 screws.

NOTE: Although you can't see them well while they are inside, the special GameCube screws look like the screw below.

To do the pen method, start with a CLEAR BIC PEN.  I’ve, tried the blue and white pens, and their plastic isn’t hard enough. So take the pen by the plastic barrel, using it as your handle and heat the narrow end up with a heat gun, torch, or gas flame until it becomes very soft. It may catch fire, and if so let it burn a bit before blowing it out. Make sure you keep the pen pointed directly up as you do not want the melted plastic to sway to the left of right; this would make the pen not fit into the screw hole. Next, push the soft warm plastic onto the security screw, pushing hard enough so the plastic forms around the shape of the screw head. Hold for a few seconds. Now, remove the plastic pen barrel, and cool it down using very cold water, ice chunks and/or if available snow. Now you have a "homemade" BIC GameCube screwdriver! All that is left now is to use it to remove the 4 screws.  I had to remake the screwdriver three times, as it will wear out very quickly.  I talked to others and they had to do the same thing.

This guy actually fitted a GameBit onto the end of a screwdriver. Not a bad idea!

Take off the GameCube's top cover after the 4 screws are removed.

Now remove the 4 screws from the front of the console using a small phillips head screwdriver and remove the following screws as well: 5 right-side screws, 4 rear-side screws, 2 left-side screws, and then carefully move the GameCube fan assembly they were securing away from the unit to access and remove the 3 screws located underneath it.

Here’s what the inside of the controller assembly looks like.  Just thought someone might want to know what’s inside. The battery is the BIOS battery, so if it ever goes out you know how to replace it now

Lift off the entire GameCube laser drive assembly and place it off to the side, and then using your phillips screwdriver carefully remove the 6 heat sink screws and gently attempt to lift the silver heat sink up and off. If, after removing the 6 heat sink screws, the heat sink will not lift up easily so gently pry up each four corners of it one at a time using a flat head screwdriver then twist the sucker off.

Next detach the fan assembly and front/back panels. After this you can remove the motherboard for soldering onto it. Please refer to the specific modchip guide for diagrams on where to solder you chip onto. Additionally, if you're new to soldering for the GameCube or soldering in general take a look at out soldering guide before you start.