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Custom Channels For The Wii

  Below are custom channels for the Wii that I have made. Feel free to download and use these if you like them. Note you must have HomeBrew installed.

POWER OFF CHANNEL: This Channel will completely power off your Wii, red light. No need to get off your lazy ass and turn the Wii off manualy. NOTE: using the Wii-mote while WiiConnect24 is on to power down only puts the Wii in standby mode, orange light. If you use a USB hard drive or something the Wii still sends power to the USB ports and your USB drive remains powered on..   DOWNLOAD NOW!

POWER OFF or EJECT and REBOOT CHANNEL: This App will check for a disc in the drive, if found will eject it and offer you the choice to reboot the Wii by pressing the A button. If no button is pressed within 5 seconds the Wii will completly shut down. DOWNLOAD NOW!

USB FORWARDER CHANNEL Mario-Luigi EDITION: This channel will start up your USB loader. The boot.dol file for the USB Loader must be in a folder called usbloader located on your SD card in the apps folder. DOWNLOAD NOW!



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