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How to fix error #002


UPDATE: No more patching is required if you use a backup launcher with the 002 fix built in. I have one available for download in the TURDinc downloads section of this site. File name is: Wii_Backup_Launcher__Mario_and_Luigi_edition_002Fix. If you still wish to patch your iso's continue with the guide below.

This is a basic guide to patch your iso's that give you error #002 when you try to play them on your hacked Wii. Here is a list of games I know this works on Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, Need For Speed Undercover, Bleach: Versus Crusade, I'm sure others as well. Original guide found on: gbatemp.net Modified by: MattMan.

An Illustrated Tutorial by MattMan
Here's a list of the things you'll need: They can be found in the TURDinc downloads area HERE.

  • WiiScrubber
  • Generic Wii Patcher 1.2

    The dreaded error!!

    1) Open up the ISO you need to patch with WiiScrubber. For this tutorial, I have selected Need For Speed Undercover.

    2) There are 2 partitions (0 and 1). Go down to partition 1 and expand it. Look for something that says "main.dol". Right click it, and you get the options to either Extract or Replace it. Select the Extract option. Leave WiiScrubber open cause you will need it in the last step.

    3.) Now that we have the main.dol extracted. It's time to patch it. Open up the main.dol in bailli's Generic Wii Patcher 1.2. Go down to "Error 002 Fix" and under that click "Search". It should find it, then the grayed out error below the Search function will be selectable. Click that and it should patch it. If you patching NFSU then click save and skip to step 5.

    4) To get Donkey Kong to work you also have to fix the Language a bit. So to the upper right, there should be something that says "Console Language Detection". Under that, click "Search" and change it to Japanese. (You can skip this if you are playing Need For Speed.) Once you finished doing that. Click Save and save the dol. You're done patching, now we need to reinsert the patch.

    5) To reinsert is simple as 1, 2, 3! Return to WiiScrubber. Go down to partition 1 and expand it. Look for "main.dol". Right click it, and you get the options to either Extract or Replace it. This time we are going to select the replace option. Replace it with the one we just patched. If all goes well, it should do it successfully and parse the ISO. Once that's done, you can go ahead and close WiiScrubber and burn the game. Enjoy, you should be able to play your game!



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