Tools / Drivers

Skinning Tools

  • P2kCommander v3.3.0
    Upload Skins and do a ton of other crap with this tool!

  • Skinner 4 Moto v0.2.9
    Very nice skin editor.

  • V3 module for Skinner 4 Moto
    Needed to make V3 custom skins

  • MotoSkin v0.1.8
    Another good editor.

    Vista Files

  • 32 bit moto usb drivers for Vista

  • 64 bit moto usb drivers for Vista

  • P2kCommander v4.9.E

  • Flash&Backup 3.0.7 Full
    I couldn't seem to get PST to work on Vista 64 to flash my phone. Flash&Backup seems to work just fine.