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Making an Action Replay


Necessary Equipment:

1) Xbox memory unit (MadCatz and Microsoft are my picks)

2) Xbox Controller to USB adapter (buy it here, make your own, or see alternatives at the bottom of page)

3)Action Replay Software (http://us.codejunkies.com/downloads/ActionReplayforXbox(USEnglish1_05).exe)

4)HID drivers (http://image.lik-sang.com/content/xid/xid.zip)

Making the Action Replay:

1) Plug the controller into the PC (Make sure the memory card is NOT plugged in!!) It will say found new hardware. and direct it to where you installed the HID drivers on your computer. Reboot

2) Plug the memory unit into the controller. It will say found new hardware. Direct it to where you installed the action replay software in the Driver folder. (or if you didn't change it, C:/Program Files/Datel/Action Replay Xbox/Driver)

3) Now open the Action Replay software and you should have a working memory card.


1) Use a utility knife to shave a flat spot on end of card. You will notice a soft spot when you are deep enough. Cut out the soft spot. (end of USB cable should slide in firmly)

2) Now modify usb cable. Cut end off cable with about three inches of wire left. NOw use utility knife to remove insulation from cable and connector. I also removed the metal strain relief from connector to shorten it up. Remove shielding and ground wire from cable(ground wire has no insulation. you should have black, red, white and green wires left)

3) Now disassemble memory card. Remove circuit board from black rubber end, insert usb connector, slide circuit board back in being careful of wires. Now cut wires to legnth and solder start at left 1: black 2: not used (Xbox yellow wire) 3: green 4: white 5: red

4) Now assemble memory card. Download and install Action Replay for Xbox from www.codejunkies.com. Plug memory card into usb port, windows will prompt to install driver. Select install from a specific location and browse to your install directory for Action Replay . The driver is in the drivers folder. (default would be "C:Program Files/Datel/ActionReplay Xbox/Drivers"). Once driver is installed start Action Replay and enjoy.