VB6 Notify Me / Alarm

In windows 10 I used to be able to quickly setup calendar events, well Windows 11 fucked that up so I made this little alarm app so I could setup reminders. It will beep until you turn it off.

I actually have this app built in to a control program that I made that does all sorts of things that I need to quickly access or do. I thought others might like to use this as well so I made a stand alone version of this alarm app so others might enjoy.

If you like it please let me know. I could add an option to setup multiple alarms if that’s something anyone might find useful. Or other features as requested.

Contact: MattMan69@Gmail.com

Download Now – Includes source code.

Win 10 Monitor Shut Off Tool

Windows 10 Monitor Shut Off Tool v1.0

Fix (not really) for Windows 10 Monitor not shutting off. Can be used for all versions of Windows. Win 10 has some sort of problem likely related to USB drivers or something connected to a USB port or other various reasons. So rather than fix the problem I made this tool to
deal with it lol.

• Works on all versions Windows
• Version: 1.0
• File size: 16kb
• Released: 4/22/2020
• Price: 100% Free!

• Minimize to System Tray
• Turn monitor off manually
• Automatically turn monitor of after
1 Hour
30 Min
15 Min
5 Min
• Timer to stare at to see when auto shut off will occur. 🙂 Timer resets every time mouse is moved.

Get it here: Download Now!

Digital Clock – Full Screen

Full screen Digital Clock for Windows By: MattMan v2.1 2020

Contact: GraspYonOx@hotmail.com

Helpful Info:
Tray icon allows you to toggle the visibility of the clock. If you use the taskbar icon to minimize the clock then you can use the tray icon to toggle the visibility of the taskbar icon.

This uses IE so if it asks to Allow blocked content then click yes or clock will not work.

The Clock:
– Has a few color options.
– Has a few interesting background image choices.
– Has a night mode.
– Toggle , Clock, Date, Weather on or off.
– Date and weather have a slow fade in and out effect to help with screen burn. Clock has some movement so it should be good. Also added dim effect to to go off every 30min and last for 1min 30sec.

– Should work fine in the USA not sure about other country’s. it’s based off of your IP witch grabs your longitude and latitude so it might not be 100% but through my testing it’s been for me accurate. It should also update every 30 minutes.

Change Log:
v2.1 Fixed Weather icon not updating.
v2.0 Changed weather API from DarkSky to OpenWeatherMap Due to DarkSky selling to Apple 🙁 Fixed small issue with date and weather showing back up after selecting to turn it off.
V1.9 Added a slideshow effect to change the background every 2 hours. Activate/Deactivate by selecting Start/Stop Slideshow from the menu. Added new backgrounds and removed some older ones. Fixed small issue with the weather feature and weather text size (still a work in progress).
v1.8 About / Help area added. Toggle °F and °C by clicking on the temperature. Fixed white box showing up when weather refreshes.
v1.7 Auto Dim and Manual Dim now have seperate functions. New program icon.
v1.6 Screen will dim every 30 min for 1min 30sec
v1.5 Fixed small bug with night mode
v1.4 Fixed stupid weather
v1.3 Bullshit fixes
v1.2 Allows most monitor resolutions. Maxes out at about 2k resolution maybe a little more. Things might look weird after that.
v1.1 First version released to public.
v1.0 Project began Nov. 2017. Used as wall clock in my home.

Unreal Tournament 99 Query

Just in case anyone wants it I redid the dFb server query pc app. Since dFb has a server again I figured what the hell.

dFb Server Query lets you:
Query any UT99 server.
Save your favorite servers.
Launch the game and auto connect to any server.

http://dFb.Game-Host.org/LinkCount/click.php?id=dFb-UT99-Server-Query UT99 only

http://dFb.Game-Host.org/LinkCount/click.php?id=dFb-UT99-Server-Query Query UT99-UT2004-UT3

How To Use it Video:

Preview Image:
UT99 Server Query

Sega Collector

Sega Collector now available for download!!

Get it here: Download Now!

Sega Collector v1.0: Information
The Sega Collector is designed to help keep track of your video game collection for the original Sega Master System, Genesis, Saturn, Dreamcast, Game Gear, and the PICO! With over 3000 games and images already added for you to select and add to your collection, and the ability to add games that may not be in the list. Also, you have the ability to create and restore a back up of your collection with just a click of the button. Sega Collector makes it easy to keep track of all your games.

• Works on Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 Only
• Version: 1.0
• File size: 50mb
• Released: 3/5/2016
• Price: 100% Fat Free!
• Windows Media Player 7.0 or Above Required

New features in v1.0 include:

• Converted original Nintendo Collector in to the Sega Collector.
• No new features, yet!.


Basic Bandwidth Monitor -VB6

This program is a basic bandwidth monitor. It shows you your download and upload rate in kb/s. I striped it down to the very basics to help me understand how it works. I also added a control to help with accuracy witch seems to work well although I’m not 100% sure why it works. Still trying to understand myself 🙂


Download the project source code here.

Visual Basic 6 – Run Application At Start Up By Creating a Registry Key.

This is a program I put together that allows you to create a registry key to automatically start a application when your computer starts up.

Updated source: added a reg key backup feature, moved buttons to the right.


You can download the source code here: http://turdinc.kicks-ass.net/LinkCount/click.php?id=RunAppStartUp

VB6 WAN- LAN IP Viewer v1.5

Update: Version 1.5

View your WAN or LAN IP with ease.

Download here http://turdinc.kicks-ass.net/LinkCount/click.php?id=IpViewer1.5

ip viewer

Install Notes: To install simply open dFb IP Viewer v1.5.msi and fallow the directions on your screen. This program is 100% free no cracks needed.

Chang log: v1.5 added a adapter viewer. v1.4 runs faster. v1.3 bug fixes. v1.2 now shows your online status. It will detect if your online or offline and weather your on WAN only, LAN only, both, or nothing!

If your just looking for quick and dirty stick with v1.1 here http://turdinc.kicks-ass.net/wordpress/?p=22

Works on all flavors of Windows