Basic Bandwidth Monitor -VB6

This program is a basic bandwidth monitor. It shows you your download and upload rate in kb/s. I striped it down to the very basics to help me understand how it works. I also added a control to help with accuracy witch seems to work well although I’m not 100% sure why it works. Still trying to understand myself 🙂


Download the project source code here.

Visual Basic 6 – Run Application At Start Up By Creating a Registry Key.

This is a program I put together that allows you to create a registry key to automatically start a application when your computer starts up.

Updated source: added a reg key backup feature, moved buttons to the right.


You can download the source code here:

VB6 WAN- LAN IP Viewer v1.5

Update: Version 1.5

View your WAN or LAN IP with ease.

Download here

ip viewer

Install Notes: To install simply open dFb IP Viewer v1.5.msi and fallow the directions on your screen. This program is 100% free no cracks needed.

Chang log: v1.5 added a adapter viewer. v1.4 runs faster. v1.3 bug fixes. v1.2 now shows your online status. It will detect if your online or offline and weather your on WAN only, LAN only, both, or nothing!

If your just looking for quick and dirty stick with v1.1 here

Works on all flavors of Windows