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How To Mod Your Xbox

  From Virgin to Softmod: An Illustrated Tutorial
Complete softmod using ldots' xboxhdm and UDE packages.

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If you have any questions about softmodding please read Grospolina's FAQ on Hotswapping

So you want to install a softmod on your XBOX but have no idea where to start? This tutorial will give you step-by-step instructions on how to install a softmod package with ldots' xboxhdm hard-drive package (version 1.9) and ldot's UDE package (version 1.4).

This tutorial uses methods that could damage your PC and your XBOX. Though this tutorial has been tested several times on several different XBOXes and PCs, there still may be a chance that something could go wrong. team_ is not responsible for damages incurred by the user.

This tutorial will work for all NTSC XBOX versions (up to 1.6)

Anyway, here we go.

First you will need ldots' xboxhdm package. Download xboxhdm_v1.9.zip from the usual places. You will also need ldot's UDE package as well. Download UDE_v1.4.zip from the usual places, as well.

Once you have both of these files, extract xboxhdm_v1.9.zip, it should contain a folder called "xboxhdm".

The next important step is to extract the UDE folder out of UDE_v1.4.zip into the "linux" folder in xboxhdm.

After this, we need to burn these files to a CD. ldots included a handy utility to make a bootable ISO out of these files, however, with the UDE package, a modification is needed to his programs.

Browse to your xboxhdm folder and right-click on "make-iso-win.bat" and select "Edit"

A notepad window should appear. After "mkisofs" add this text exactly (without the quotes): "-allow-lowercase".

Save and close that file and then double click it to run it. A window may briefly appear:

If your computer is too fast to see the contents of this window, don't worry.

Ensure that the ISO was succesfully created by checking for it in the xboxhdm folder.

Burn this ISO with your favorite burning program.
Congratulations. You have the easy part done. The next steps are the ones were you might want to pay attention, read once or twice, and even print.

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