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  How To Make Backups Of XBOX Games

How to play XBOX Live games online for FREE

XBOX PS2 and Nintendo Downloads

To install other software, like XBMC

1) Open your favorite FTP client (for this tutorial i will be using SmartFTP.

2) Turn on your modded xbox and look for the ip address found in the settings or the upper right hand corner depending on your skin.

3) In SmartFTP under address put your xbox's ip address ( in my case), "xbox" for the login, and
"xbox" again for the password

4) You should then see six to eight folders: C, D, E, F (?), G(?), X, Y, Z. Evolution-X will automatically detect any new folders on the E drive, in folders Games and Apps. Create 'Games', 'Emulators', and 'Apps' if they aren't already on the E drive (E folder).

5) Go to Xbins' FTP to download applications, unzip them, and upload the extracted files to a folder on E:\Apps , or if you downloaded a Game, upload the files to a folder on E:\Games and so on...

Example: Say you downloaded XBMC, unzipped it, and opened the folder they were unzipped to. Create a folder on E:\Apps called XBMC. Then transfer all the files in the folder you unzipped your XBMC files to on your computer to E:\Apps\XBMC. To make sure you did it right, there should be a file with the extention .xbe in the root directory (meaning under E:\Apps\XBMC, there should be a file ending in .xbe)

Some of my favorite programs:


XboxMediaCenter - is a free open source (GPL) multimedia player that can be used to play and view most video/audio/picture formats. It also has a built in dvd player so you don't need that $30 dvd dongle.

DVD2Xbox - My personal favorite when it comes to ripping games onto your xbox's hard drive. Very easy to use.

Linux - There are tons of options to look at here, play around with it see what you like.

If you have any apps you would like me to add let me know.


Gameboy Color/Gameboy Advance - XboyAdvance
Great GBA emulator that also emulates GBC games. Plays games fullscreen, and has good speed, outside the graphically intensive games like Tony Hawk, and Ecks vs. Sever. GBC games are flawless. Quite recommended.

Genesis/Sega CD - either Xenesis or NeoGenesis
Both of these are excellent. NeoGenesis uses Xport's rediculously configurable menu, and has great compatibility. Xenesis also runs most Genesis and Sega CD games wonderfully, and some people view Carcharius' menu as being easier to use than Xports.

Nintendo Entertainment System - FCE Ultra
Using a lovely Super Mario Bros 2 theme for the menu, this is one of the best NES emulators out there, for either PC or console. It has much better compatibility than Nester, and supports MANY features like savestates, and screenshots. Other than a lack of lightgun support, this is as close as you're going to get without getting the original console.

Nintendo 64 - Surreal 64
Surreal 64 combines UltraHLE, Project 64 and 1964 into one emulator. It is currently the best solution to Nintendo 64 emulation on the xbox.

Playstation - PCSXbox
The only Playstation emulator available on Xbox.

Super Nintendo - xSNES9x
One of the original emus on the system, and still one of the best. With a high level of compatibility, gorgeous GUI, and pending update, Its the SNES emu of choice. Just don't play it on a progressive scan TV...

Heres a list of the best emulators for the xbox. Try some of them out. Theres nothing like playing SNES games on your xbox.