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How To Mod Your Xbox

  This tutorial will guide you through how to mod your xbox in 3 easy steps.


Necessary Equipment:

  1. An Xbox w/ Xbox Live Tab (If you don’t have an xbox live tab then you can update your xbox by running a xbox live enabled game and installing the updates.) You also need to know what kernel and version your xbox is. To find the kernel go into MS Dashboard settings and select "System Info". Just let it scroll until you see something like this: "k:1.00.4981.67" and go here to find out the xbox version.
  2. The Game (you only need one)

    - Mechassault (Has to be the original version, Y
    ou can tell what version you have by the laser etching on the back, if you have MS02301L you have the original, if it is MS02308L you have the new version which will not work.)
    - Splinter Cell
    - 007 - Agent Under Fire
  3. A computer with a USB port
  4. Action Replay memory card w/ USB docking station and software - make your own or use a USB Device
    (It has been rumored that the new versions of the Action Replay Memory Card corrupts large gamesaves when transferring them but I’m not sure if it corrupts the ltools save as I used the USB Docking Station and an Official Memory Card so it’s up to you to take the gamble)
  5. The Latest Version Of ldots ltools Package - There are 3 versions of this package depending on the game you wish to use. You will need to gain access to the Xbins' FTP to get the file. In order to do so, you will need to follow this tutorial. The directory in which it is found is: xbox/operating system/linux/distributions/ltools/

    If you have all (most) of them, then you may continue.


Modding the Xbox:

  1. Open the Action Replay software and open the directory in which your version of the ltools package is saved. The just simply drag and drop the .zip file into the middle column (PC Database). After this drag the gamesave (Run Linux) across to the left column which shows your memory card and it should copy across.


  1. Take out the memory card from the docking station and put it into the top of your xbox joypad. On the Microsoft xbox dashboard choose memory and select the memory card with the gamesave on. Go to the gamesave and click A. The select Copy and copy the game to the xbox hard drive. Insert the chosen game which matches the chosen gamesave and wait for it to load.

  2. Select campaign and load up Run Linux by selecting it with A. Once loaded scroll down (Press B if it just says Mechassualt disc), select UDE Install from the menu. This will open a prompt asking you to choose which UDE to install. Choose which UDE to install by which Kernel you have, UDE1 green (A) should be used on kernels prior to 5713 and UDE2 should be used on kernels 5713 and higher. (The UDE2 only works on USA/Canadadian xboxes). Next it will ask you to pick a bios loader/patcher, from what I hear PBL-Metoo is the best. After that it will tell you to choose which bios to install, use Evox M8 for version 1.6+ xboxes and X2 4981 for version 1.0 thru 1.5 xboxes. Finally choose EvolutionX or MXM for the dashboard. Wait for it to finish installing, when it tells you to turn off your xbox, you can then turn it off but not a sec before (if you do you will more than likely really screw up you xbox).

    Congratulations, you now own a modded xbox!

Original Tutorial by LostKoRn



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